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The Great Wall

Between us, there stands a great wall
A stumbling block that keeps us apart
A wall that stands tall and mighty
A towering symbol of what we are

A curious peek here and there
But no real efforts to climb over
To see what’s on the other side
Afraid of what we might reveal
Fearful of how much our true selves might show
So we keep that wall up as our protection

Could you be the man of my dreams?
Could I be the woman of your dreams?
Sharing a world meant for only us
Where you and I are lovers in the simple way
That I love you and you love me

Is it worth chasing a dream that might not come true?
We will never know because we keep this wall up as our protection

Day by day, the wall gets higher
A lofty display, a constant reminder of the past
Each time we think we are getting closer
We only grow further and further apart

As each stone comes undone
Another replaces it even harder to destroy
Making the truth much more difficult to reach
Lying to ourselves behind that great wall

Holding on tightly to the comfort of yesterday
Intimidated by the uncertainty of tomorrow
So we keep that wall up as our protection
And possibly close the door forever

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