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You are to me…

You are to me like a summer breeze
Sailing steadily across many seas
Here today and gone tomorrow
An instant goodbye after a brief hello

Floating around at the mercy of every wind
Drifting towards the next place you are destined
Never anywhere for very long
The perfect paradigm for a heartbreak song

You are to me like the rain
That falls across the desert plain
Like a mirage, too good to be true
A soothing relief that is long overdue

Allowing just enough fluid to trickle down at first
In some measure, appeasing the earth’s thirst
And then gone until the next dry spell
A routine that you have mastered all too well

You are to me like a circus clown
With a gift for turning frowns upside down
You give quite a riveting performance
Each town, the same old song and dance
But without fail, the show must end
And off you must go to the next bend

With each passing breeze
With each pouring rain
With each big top circus comes…
…the sweet recollection of a better time
When life was not so cruel
And I was and am still in love with you

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